Missed connections


The missed connections section of Craigslist is replete with typos, poor grammar and puzzling headlines, but it also houses some of the most evocative writing I’ve ever read. Anonymous authors are provided a space to describe a brief encounter with a complete stranger in the hopes of reconnecting. However, the moments recalled are as fleeting as the posts themselves, which quickly become buried under a slew of others before facing erasure. I believe those moments deserve another chance at life.

Vivid imagery has the power to transform a seemingly mundane occurrence into something momentous. Using the Craigslist authors’ crisp details as a springboard, “Missed Connections” is an impressionistic mini comic which strives to capture the inciting moments of twelve separate encounters. The landscape format mimics the appearance of a Craigslist post, while its small size aims to recreate a sense of intimacy the moments share.

I’ve chosen a vignette approach to storytelling, in which the panels isolate aspects of the setting in order to capture the overall mood. The vignettes both highlight the moment’s emotional impact while acknowledging its brevity, as each page tells a new story.